Miniature House Illuminated Pool

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DIY Miniature House Exclusivity - Unavailable in physical stores

  • Miniature house DIY, to build yourself!
  • Develop your creativity 👨🎨
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Construction time: around 16 hours ⏳
  • Composition: wood, metal, plastic, LED and paper.
  • Included in the pack: all decorations visible on the picture.
  • Model size: 25 x 22 x 20 cm
  • A collectible product: recommended age 7 - 99 years ✔️ 

A creative and stimulating hobby for young and old alike, find the miniature pool house illuminated ?

This illuminated pool miniature house offers a mix of charm and subtlety out of the ordinary. It is a high-end house with an idealistic interior. It has an upstairs space that serves as a bedroom. There is a bed and sinks in the shower next to the room.

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Why opt for the illuminated pool model house?

The lighted pool model house kit is a special house with a lighted pool on the yard. It requires some creativity to display its charm.

What is the interest to play with a lighted pool model house?

An assembly instruction is provided with the model, decide whether to follow it or not and work on your artistic skills while having fun. Order now!