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      Miniature House

      The most beautiful Miniature Houses are on Miniature Land. One of the favorite DIY hobbies of US! Our models will offer you creativity, meticulousness, and imagination for hours. The opportunity to take some time for yourself and tackle a creative task with these beautiful miniature house kits. It's a real adventure that will transport you into the fantastic world of miniatures.

      Let's give another meaning to the term DIY Miniature House

      Miniature Land is the reference for DIY miniature houses in the US, a movement we created to offer you a new DIY experience. This term meaning "Do It Yourself" takes all its meaning with the construction of one of our diy miniature house kit.


      Why you should try miniature houses?

      From a simple instruction, you will build and assemble a beautiful house, it does not stop there, many enthusiasts add their touch to the model: a new layer of paint, a small figurine, another wall design, everything is possible!


      A fulfilling model home to build

      To understand why this creative hobby is so popular, here is a list of skills learned by our followers

      • Minutia
      • Precision
      • Creativity
      • Patience
      • Imagination
      • ...

      We don't want to tell you everything, but rather that you feel it yourself, so ready to take the plunge? Choose your miniature house model and build it yourself!

      Model Houses for all tastes and all levels

      We make a point of adapting our miniature house building Kits to suit the youngest and the oldest, as well as beginners and advanced builders. Each miniature will transport you to a different world: Japan, Beach, Modern Studios, and others more rustic. Thanks to this diversity, DIY Miniature House stands out and allows everyone to find the miniature that suits them.

      An example of one of our DIY Miniature Houses
      A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a video of the construction of one of our miniature houses. A small overview of the steps involved in creating our models. A subtle foretaste before you dive into this fantastic world.

      Reference of the miniature : Family Miniature House



      How to make a miniature house?

      We have made our models simple to design and understand, a manual will be provided to follow step by step the construction steps with detailed pictures.

      Some people prefer to build their miniature house independently, with our models, this is also totally possible. Many customers send us photos of their finished models, sometimes specifying that they have made them themselves, which will add a homemade touch to your model.