Welcome to the world of Miniatures Houses. Creative hobbies and DIY kits allow you to develop your concentration and your creativity. These essential qualities are also found in the collection of miniature objects. The stimulation of emotions is deep in its followers.

How to make DIY miniature house?

You want to know how to build one of our miniature houses?

Then you are at the right place, first the choice of your miniature house will be important, a design that you like and that stimulates you is mandatory, to do so you will see, many models and styles are available on the site. Once you have chosen your miniature house kit, it is time to move on to construction. We recommend that you first purchase glue and pliers to facilitate the construction of your kit. Once you have these items, you can start building.

1- Consult the instructions

2- Take out the different parts

3- Let's go!

As you can see, the construction of our kits is not difficult, but it will require concentration and patience. Most of the people building our miniature houses do not read the instructions and build at their own pace following their own instructions.